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Transforming Vision into Reality


Challenges in life surround everybody and John Vizzuso is no different. The aspect of personal tragedy combined with years of leadership continues to define his existence. Leadership Edge was founded in 2008 to fight back. The poor economic environment in 2008 and 2009 has set the battlefield for the new age combat against mediocrity.


The company was formed to transfer years of experience and insight into a market place decimated by downsizing, greed and fear. Today's leaders need a re-awakening to purpose and stance to regain momentum.


"I was frustrated because the educational systems failed really teaching inspiration and leadership. I was tired of going to workshops and seminars trying to place me in a category and providing me nothing but worthless charts and diagrams on who I was and what my capabilities were, limiting me as an individual. I decided to take a stand and developed the company to change the lives of the people around me." Vizzuso 2008.


The Leadership Edge format is centered on three books written by Mr. Vizzuso:


The Leadership Edge (Published 2001) : The concept of combining faith and adaptability into a new leadership form.

The Difference: Finding the Hero Within You (Published 2004) : Defining how to make a difference for the people around you.

Shared Sacrifice: Heroes Are Always Remembered, Legends Never Die (Published 2009) : Comparing what traits are needed to become a legend in sacrifice and leadership

Leadership Edge provides a wide range of services to individuals, schools and small and large business settings. These include:


  • Leadership seminars and workshops
  • Business assessments
  • Organizational development
  • Interim management services
  • Customized programs geared to corporate culture
  • Management consulting and wind down operations
  • Operational turnaround services